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(1) Post /Title: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, BAGASOO (Establishment of Banjul Accord Group Aviation Safety Oversight Organization)
Post Number: 12-01
Duty Station: Abuja, Nigeria (with missions to the BAG Member States (Banjul Accord Group) Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Liberia, and Sierra Leone)
Duration: 12 months
Date Required: 1 January 2010

• The Executive Director is responsible for providing strong leadership for the BAGASOO.
• He/she will lead by example, setting clear strategies and performance expectations developed in an environment of participation and collaboration with senior management of aviation stakeholders including Directors General of Civil Aviation Administrations and service providers within the Banjul Accord Group sub-region
• The ideal candidate would be an experienced Executive with particular strengths in program development and management, and have the ability to mobilize and work with aviation stakeholders within and outside the BAG region, This individual would be highly organized, energetic, a good communicator and motivator, and will thrive in a start-up, regional organization.
• He/She would be expected to significantly contribute to the success of a start-up regional safety oversight organization and be committed to enhancing aviation safety within the Banjul Accord Group Member States.

Qualifications and Experience
• University degree, preferably in an aviation-related discipline, or equivalent qualifications and experience (see item 5 below)
• Management or supervisory experience with a State Civil Aviation Administration, directly associated with the preparation and responsibility for implementation of rules, regulations, and procedures deemed necessary for flight safety, inspection and certification.
• Experience in the implementation of multi-faceted projects, including time line development, tracking, and reporting. Excellent planning, analytical, writing, and presentation skills. Fully computer literate.
• Knowledge of legal responsibilities and administration procedures either for the issuance of documents including safety certificates under State of Registry approval relating to supervision of aircraft operations.
• A minimum of 10 years experience in an aviation environment either as pilot-in-command or maintenance engineer on heavy turbojet aircraft or substantial experience as a Government Aviation Safety Inspector Airworthiness or Flight operations
• Knowledge of the requirement for personnel licensing system, and of the training and maintenance of competency of flight and ground crews concerned with flight operations or knowledge of craft inspection and airworthiness certification requirements is required
• Sound knowledge of ICAO Standards And Recommended Practices (SARPs) and related documentation
• Experience in ICAO safety oversight functions within national and/or international environment.
• Demonstrate good leadership qualities in a diverse environment including staff, board members and other aviation stakeholders. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work well with others.
• Command of the English language and proven ability in preparing assignment reports and similar documents. Knowledge of French and/or Portuguese is desirable.
• Initiative, tact, sound judgment and ability to maintain harmonious relationships.

• Under the direction of the Board of Directors of the BAGASOO, , the Executive Director shall undertake the overall coordination , and administration of the BAGASOO including but not limited to the following duties as specified below:
• Assist the Board of Directors in identifying suitable candidates from within the BAG States for recruitment as staff of the BAGASOO
• Maintain a register of inspectors appointed under the Cooperative Inspectorate Scheme (CIS);
• Liaise with Member States for the services of national inspector resources under the Co-operative Inspectorate Scheme (CIS) for supplementing the BAGASOO resources on as required basis;
• Develop a detailed work programme covering the concepts, objectives, outputs, and activities of the BAGASOQ;
• Assign inspectors appointed under the Co-operative Inspectorate Scheme (CIS) to Member States for the purpose of conducting inspections and related duties;
• Maintain current database on information pertaining to the on Civil Aviation Authorities of Member States on aviation organization registers, the number, categories and availability aviation personnel and other relevant matters;
• Serve as a key member of the Board of Directors to carry out the objectives, output, and activities contained in the BAGASOO Agreement document and, overtime, to adjust outputs and activities to changing conditions within the Member States.
• Liaise with entities such as FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, UKCAA, CAA/CASA Australia, Airbus Industries, Boeing Aircraft company and other relevant institutions/companies for the provision of flight safety related training to National/Regional Inspectors and airline personnel in seminar/workshops, training courses, etc. Coordinate and arrange the training sessions.
• Develop an administration manual containing procedures and guidelines to be followed in obtaining and using regional human resources for inspection activities, scheduling required surveillance, performing audits of organizations of Member States, and responding to ad hoc requests for supplemental assistance in flight safety related matters.
• Organize and conduct audits at the request of Member States or as scheduled in the approved work programme for the purpose of assessing compliance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs);
• Develop annual work programme (airworthiness, flight operations and aerodromes certification/inspection schedules) for the Member States in accordance with the activities approved by tile Board.
• Perform flight operations certification and surveillance functions directly on behalf of the Member States, including assistance in the issuance of operations specifications, certification of airmen, the approval of operations manuals, crew training and checking programmes, and the performance of regularly scheduled operator surveillance.
• Provide on-the-job training on job functions for Inspectors assigned under the Co-operative Inspectorate Scheme (CIS) to the BAGASOO and to the available National Inspectors, in order to qualify them in the full range of related tasks.
• Assist with resource mobilization by maintaining liaison with members of the Board of Directors, ICAO and other potential donor entities.
• Prepare an annual report on the performance of the functions of the BAGASOO at the end of each year for submission to the Board.
• Make quarterly reports on the activities of the BAGASOO to the Board;
• Act as Secretary to the Board; and
• Perform any other duty as may be assigned by the Board.

(2) Post Title: COMMISSIONER, BAGAIA (Establishment of Banjul Accord Group Accident Investigation Agency)
Post Number: 11-01
Duty Station: Praia, Cape Verde (with missions to the BAG Member States (Banjul Accord Group) Gambia, Ghana,’ Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone)
Duration: 12 months
Date Required: 1 January 2010

• The commissioner is appointed by the Council of Ministers for a period of three years on such terms and conditions as the Council of ministers may determine, and is eligible for re-appointment for a second term of three years. The Commissioner is responsible to the Council of ministers.
• The Commissioner prepares; for the approval of the BAG Council of Ministers, an annual programme of activities and budget for the BAGAIA and implements the approved programme; in consultation with the Council of Ministers, assess and approve applications by non-member States seeking assistance from the BAGAIA; and performs any other duty assigned by the Council of Ministers.

Qualifications and Experience
• The Commissioner shall have a minimum experience of 10 years as an aircraft accident investigator and shall have had experience as an investigator-in-charge (IIC). The Commissioner should have held:
• An Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) with appropriate airline command experience on jet aircraft; or
• An Engineering degree in Aeronautical Engineering or other relevant aviation related subject matters.
• Specialized aircraft accident investigation training.

• The Commissioner shall carry out the following functions
• Convene the meetings of the Commission and through the BAG Secretariat, request the convening of meetings of the Council of Ministers;
• Supervise and coordinate the development of common accident investigation regulations for adoption and use by the BAGAIA Member States;
• Supervise and coordinate the development of common guidance material, investigator handbooks and manuals and checklists for use in investigations in the BAGAIA Member States;
• Coordinate with the BAGAIA Member States the deployment of the BAGAIA Commission’s investigation teams, for the purpose of carrying out investigations into aircraft accidents and serious incidents on delegation by the State of Occurrence;
• Establish and maintain a database of aircraft accidents and serious incidents compatible with the ICAO Accident/Incident Data Reporting (ADREP) system;
• Establish and maintain a list of aircraft accident investigators available as members of the BAGAIA Commission’s investigation teams;
• Develop and implement a training programme for accident investigators:
• Exchange and share information with the BAGAIA Member States and relevant agencies on accidents and serious incidents;
• Develop staff regulations, rules and procedures and undertake the general management of the Office of the Commissioner;
• Ensure the provision and management of technical support to the BAGAIA Member States in the area of accident investigation and
• Services meetings of the Commission;
• Commissioner is the chief spokesperson of the BAGAIA and the principal liaison between the BAGAIA Member States and the BAGAIA.

Method of Application
All applications must be submitted to the address below:
C/o The Director General
Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
Aviation House, P.M.B 21029, 21038
Ikeja, Lagos

Closing Date: 21st February, 2010.

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