Jobs at ICRC

Jobs at ICRC

Profession: veterinarian-/livestock specialist

Background information

The area of operation is primarily darfur, west sudan, where the present conflict started in 2003 and continues to date. There have been massive displacements to idp camps and across the border to chad. Livestock looting, by both parties to the conflict, have occurred on a large, but difficult to accurately quantify, scale.

Most of the rural population falls into either the agro-pastoralist or pastoralist category – therefore the state of the livestock sector is of high importance all across the lines of the conflict. Restricted grazing areas – either because livestock have to be kept in tightly controlled locations due to insecurity around villages or idp camps or due to the blocking of seasonal migration routes prevent many people to life their normal way of life. The results of these constraints are likely to be manifested in over grazing causing fodder shortage and eventual decimation of animals and a higher than normal disease level in the livestock population. Since 2005, the icrc vaccinated more than 1.3 million animals and trained 240 paravets (cahws = community animal health workers and ahas = animals health assistants).

Function / raison d’être
the livestock specialist ensures an independent and professional evaluation of livestock related issues (past and present) in darfur. S/he implements, with the help of the ecosec (economic security) team, the livestock program in the field, in particular cahws training/monitoring and vaccination campaign. S/he provides support and guidance to the ecosec operation in terms of livestock interventions and contributes to the definition of future plans.

Main responsibilities
• community animal health worker courses and animal health assistant courses in close collaboration with the local ministry for animal resources and university of nyala.
• vaccination campaigns: identification of needs and geographical areas in collaboration with sub-delegations and implementation of the campaign in the field with the help of the ecosec delegate.
• advice and support ecosec delegates with the implementation of livestock based small scale micro economic initiatives (restocking, donkeys, cheese-production, fodder production, a.s.o.)
• design and contribute to the implementation of relevant emergency interventions.
• training and coaching of the delegation / ecosec department on the livestock approach and related activities.
• investigates the real capabilities of the private and governmental veterinary sectors.
• ensure appropriate internal technical reporting.

Main tasks
• run the ongoing livestock program together with specialised field officers.
• design and implement large scale vaccination campaigns taking into account needs, availability of vaccines and darfur states policies
• negotiate at khartoum and darfur state level the cost recovery and other issue with the ministry of animal resources.
• monitor the livestock sector, giving timely warnings of any significant changes in the situation.
• select persons to be trained as community animal health workers in close cooperation with the livestock owners in the area.
• develop and approve curriculum with ministry of animal resources and university of nyala.
• coordinate actions with all other interested partners
• investigate the possibilities for other actions in favour of livestock / livestock owners

selection requirements
• degree in veterinary science
• minimum three years experience with livestock in developing countries
• experience in emergency and/or economic security interventions apart from livestock projects

your profile
• prepared to accept a non family posting
• willingness to spend large amount of time in the field, in difficult conditions
• fluent in written and spoken english
• good communication and negotiation skills
• flexible and adaptable personality, able to live and work well with a team
• manual driving licence (automatic not valid)

Application Deadline 30th April, 2009
length of the assignment 12 months
departure ASAP

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  1. i want to join this org. please give me opertunity

  2. Yassir Elradi says:

    Am ok in most logistics department,
    updated post for me is assistant log coordinator

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