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careers at Zenith bank Ghana
Job vacancies at Zenith Bank Ghana
Job Requirements and Procedures
Prospective candidates who wish to seek employment in the Bank must fulfill the following criteria:

Must have successfully completed their first degree in a reputable higher institution within or outside Ghana

Must be a Diploma holder in IT (for a position as a Systems Administrator)

Must be a Ghanaian or have the necessary work permits, if not a Ghanaian citizen.

To become a member of the Zenith Family, a potential employee will have to go through the following procedure:

Submit their resumes
Must take an aptitude test and undergo Group Dynamics
Attend two or more interviews
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  1. Anonymous says:

    May be u could concider applicants with a minimum of ACCA level1.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i s there any vacancy currently?

  3. is there any vacancy Currently? Am a Diploma holder from one of the politechnics in Ghana.please i need your help.

  4. Does that mean that if you are a Diploma holder you can’t work in a bank. please i think is not fair.Please consider Diploma holders too.

  5. Tina says:

    can someone with a verse working skill in telecom call center and as a customer rep but with out a first degree apply?.
    Please reply to this question here, thanks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    please what is the full meaning of NYSC as it was use in the online recruitment personal data form. Thanks

  7. Anonymous says:

    NYSC is National Youth Services Corps

  8. Anonymous says:

    thanks i hold two international diplomas from cambridge international college uk. thus dipoma in logistics, supply chain and transport management and diploma in modern management and administration respectively can i apply for a job at the bank?

  9. Nwachukwu Humphrey says:

    i am applying for an opportunity to carry out my NSS(National service scheme)with Zenith bank.I just graduated from KNUST 09 sets where i hold a first degree in Agriculture.i majored in the following subjects;English,Marketing,Economics,Accounting,Computer science,Animal science,Statistics and Analytical design.Undertaking a course in Agriculture has help me to Know how animals think and behave,since all humans are higher animal i believe i know how humans think and behave.i love challenges and i believe that i can contribute greatly in helping Zenith bank achieve its long time goal of becoming the best bank in Ghana,Africa and the world at large.my email address is mailhumphrey@yahoo.com and my number is 0246619961.

  10. Anonymous says:

    i was invited for an interview in May.i was told i would be called. does it mean wait in vain? please lets talk.

  11. Dora says:

    am a diploma holder and a part time student at a unversity can i also apply

  12. Issah Mohammed says:

    pls, i have BA HONS(Economics) from KNUST Kumasi and i'm through with my National Service. how do i apply for a job at Zenith Bank? cos' i just dream to work with u

  13. Anonymous says:

    am ACCA level 2 student is there any emploment opportunity for at ZENITH BANK.

  14. Eric says:

    Am a Diploma holder in I.T and will like to join the ZENITH family so please help me.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am a Diploma holder in network engineering under microsoft technologies.I would like to ask if there is a Vacancy for me to work as an I.T technician in your reputable organization.


  16. Anonymous says:

    is there a vacancy currently

  17. raheem aminu says:

    i am applying for an opportunity to do my attachment or national service with Zenith bank. i just completed University of Ghana. i hold a Diploma in Accounting. some subject studied are as follows;financial accounting,cost accounting,taxation, auditing,statistics,management and economics.Believes any obstacle can be overcome to achieve all dreams therefore can help overcome all obstacles the bank has to make it number in Ghana and Africa as a whole. contacts are ralftetteh@yahoo.com and +233547246196.

  18. saga says:

    Please is there any vacancy?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I will be happy if you could get me employ in your outfit.
    I have been trained by Ghana Audit Service and I wish to share my rich knowledge gained in Audit.

    Nyeteng Bentier.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Pls, am a graduate from university for development studied.I studied Agric Technology

    I should be grateful if you employ me in your bank

  21. Akosua Tiwaa says:

    Please am a degree holder from KNUST(Political Studies) and am seriously looking forward to start my career as a banker in your outfit. How do i apply for a job at your place.

  22. Anonymous says:

    i have post graduate diploma in administration and currently pushing for my M.B.A IN human resource management and due to complete in the coming year i hope there is a job out there for me
    in any of the banks.emil131@hotmail.com

  23. Anonymous says:

    I am an MBA graduate in HR/Marketing, with support of Bcom (computer/Banking), also have more than 4 years experience in ;
    (1) Bank product sales (India)
    (2) Customer support co-ordinator in Shipping Industry (Dubai)
    looking for a good career.. please let me know still your side any vacancies. Thanks in advance.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Am a Diploma holder in IT, from Intercom programming and manufacturing company.(IPMC) and also a Microsoft Certified Professional.I will be grateful if you employ me in your bank.
    P.0.BOX AT 41

  25. Anonymous says:

    Am a Diploma holder in IT, from Intercom programming and manufacturing company.(IPMC) and also a Microsoft Certified Professional.I will be grateful if you employ me in your bank.
    P.0.BOX AT 41

  26. Anonymous says:

    Please, i am a Degree Holder in Sociology. i will love to start my career with your Firm.Is there any vacancy as a Cashier / Teller. i also have a ICM in Human Resource Management.


  27. Anonymous says:

    I am a graduate with Bachelor of Science in administration (Banking and Finance option). I also have a Higher National Diploma in Marketing (HND Marketing). It my dream to be a bank at your bank.I will be grateful if you employ me in your bank.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I want to work for zenith bank ghana, iam a ghanaian and i hold a bachelor degree in electrical engineering from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in Nigeria,i believe i can contribute positely to the growth of Zenith Bank
    You can contact me on 0268968263 or send me a mail on a_portia2000@yahoo.com

  29. Anonymous says:

    I would be very glad if i could get the main email address to forward my application for consideration.


  30. Abdulai Nyarko says:

    I'm a diploma holder in networking engineering from Nationa Institute Of Infomation Technology(NIIT) Ghana.
    I have been furnished with world class IT trainings and wide range of practical skills, I possess the relevant and up-to-date knowledge in Administering, managing, maintaining and troubleshooting various sizes of Microsoft and Linux computer networks and general IT Infrastructures.

    Email: abdulainyarko@yahoo.com
    P.O.Box 548, Sekondi.
    Mobile: 0271034351 OR

  31. Mr. Fauster Atta Mensah
    CCIS, P.O.BOX 302
    Cape Coast

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I'm aware of your need for a computer scientist, based on your recent online publication. I have a degree in computer sciences from Oklahoma City University and An Advanced diploma in Computational Complexity from the Microsoft Corporation. I am available to begin working with you as soon as possible as you indicated the starting point.

    May I meet with you to talk about what you have in mind for the personnel you want to employ? I would like to be one of them. Please you can contact me through my email or call me at +233 54386503 to set up an appointment that works for you.

    Thanks so much for giving me a chance to introduce myself through this cover letter and to bid for the job. I look forward to your kindest reply.


    Fauster Atta Mensah

  32. Anonymous says:

    I am a well energetic young man of thirty years of age and a Ghanaian by birth, receptive and accommodating, for anything and would like to put my service at your disposal in seeking for a job as a clerk.

    I am a graduate from University of Education Winneba – Kumasi Campus and pursued Bachelor of Science in Administration (Banking and Finance option). I also have a Higher National Diploma in Marketing (HND Marketing) from Sunyani Polytechnic.

    Admittedly, with the knowledge imparted in me during Schooling and the experience gained in attachments and national service, I can learn fast and adopt whatever procedures your bank is working with to discharge whatever duties assigned to me effectively and efficiently.


  33. prince says:

    It is with great interest that I am forwarding my Resume for your consideration.

    My record of academic achievements and professional career history, demonstrates attributes that make me a valuable employee.
    My Resume is enclosed to provide you with details of my skills and accomplishments, but I am certain that a personal interview would more fully reveal my desire and ability to contribute to your organization.

    Thank you for your time and consideration, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    I look forward to for your corespondent.

    Your faithfully,

    Wemegah Prince

    My Contact number: +233 249 587 505

    E-mail: princetruth@gmail.com

  34. Joel says:

    hello,my name is Joel,am holding international diploma in computing studies.i want to find out if there is a vacancy for me in your company.thank you. you can reach me on flexmow95@yahoo.co.uk……..hope to hear from you soon..

  35. ROGER- JAMES BRUKU says:

    i hope one day i will work with Zenith.

  36. ransford nsiah says:

    i am a hnd holder in building but i have a certificate in cashiering .can i aply for any job

  37. philomina says:

    I wish to apply for national service placement in your firm.
    I am a graduate of the University College of Management Studies with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Administration (Procurement and Supply Chain Management option).
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for your kind consideration.

    Yours faithfully,
    Philomina Amegashie

    My contact number:+233 549 961 023

  38. Willing says:

    Please how do i get to take an aptitude test from Zenith Bank since i want to apply for a job online.It is a must that i take an aptitude test because it is one of the criteria.

    Thank you.

  39. Anthony Koomson says:

    Anthony Koomson
    c/- Ghana Evangelism Committee
    Box 1028
    Kumasi – Ghana

    E-mail: tsami89ity@yahoo.com

    September 10, 2011

    Dear Sir / Madam,


    I am a graduate of Christian Service University College and I wish to apply to your organization for the position of an Accountant. I am 27 years of age and a native of Saltpond in the Central Region of Ghana.

    I am a product of K.N.U.S.T J S S (1996-1999) and Opoku Ware School (2000 – 2002) with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the above mentioned University (2006 – 2010) specializing in accounting.

    I completed my National Service at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital where I was an Accounts Officer at the National Health Insurance Office.

    The course I undertook at the university were basically in the fields of Management, Taxation and Accounting and I thus have the knowledge to handle all financial tasks as well as any administrative duties that require the skills I have.

    Please if there is the need for further information about my integrity, competence and ability
    Mrs Vivian C Y Oduro of Ghana Evangelism Committee, Kumasi and Mr Douglas Kusi,
    Acting Director of National Health Insurance, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi will be willing to serve as my referees.

    I am hopeful that this application will be given your favourable consideration. Thanking you in advance.

    Yours faithfully,

    Koomson Anthony


    C/- BOX 1028, ADUM, KUMASI
    PHONE: 020 828 192
    E-MAIL ADDRESS: tsami89ity@yahoo.com



    I am time conscious, determined, love challenges, a team player and efficient


    2000 – 2002 OPOKU WARE SCHOOL


    Accounts Officer (National Service Person) (2010 – 2011)
    Health Insurance Department, Polyclinic, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi
    • Attached patient information to processed claims on a daily basis
    • Was responsible for preparing some claims manually and charging accordingly amount due on a daily basis
    • Undertook vetting of claims to prevent double billing
    Office Assistant
    Ghana Evangelism Committee; 2004 – 2007
    • Assisted in sale of books & equipment
    • Assisted in Seminar organization

    Outgoing personality with the ability to grasp and respond to needs of both clients and colleagues
    Excellent written and communications skills. Endurance under work pressure
    Love new challenges and ability to work with little or no supervision in multi task undertakings

    Reading, Boxing and Music

    Mrs Vivian C Y Oduro Mr Douglas Kusi
    Regional Co-ordinator Acting Head, National Health Insurance
    Ghana Evangelism Committee (Poly Clinic)
    Kumasi Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi
    Phone: 020 812 8291 Phone: 0244 791 689

  40. Boadu Simon says:

    How do i become a worker

  41. Addo James Nevanscorroll says:

    I just completed my senior high school with quite good results,English Language …………. D
    Financial Accounting…………A
    Business Management………….A
    Social Studies………………A
    Business Mathematics…………C
    But there is no assistance from anywhere i don’t know if you can do something to help me in the form of giving me a job like a cleaner,receptionist or anything at all.you can please contact me on 0540388805.

  42. I am an HND Accountancy holder and studing Bsc. Business Adiministration(Accounting option)at KNUST please held me to secure a job opportunity to be a family member of the Zenith.Please contact me on 0542599639.

  43. Gina Doe Ayikpah says:

    I hold diploma in management studies, university of cape cape and course in banking (credit management, banking practice and operations,banking records and procedures, and certificate) in computer software (microsoft). please i need a job in your outfit. please help me become a member of Zinith family. Phone number, 0242-925252. thank you.

  44. Aaron says:

    i have no certificates or qualification eventhough i have pass through tertiary education what i have is a stronge experience in accounting. 0266787727


    Am from Kenya,i have an experience of two years in the field of I.T and currently pursing Business Administration and Management with ICM Board combined with Account (kasneb). am looking forward to work with your organization for better Global Change.
    yours faithful

    Dennis Otieno
    Phone Number +254 737466260

  46. Aholu-blouh patience says:

    Iam a diploma holder in business studies, with accounting as an option. I wish to be employed in your firm. My number is 0267502683. Thank you.

  47. Francis says:

    I hold a first degree(first class)in mathematics and a second degree in mathematics. I have worked in vrious capacities in my current work place. first clearing for 2 yrs, foreign operations for a year, branch operations for 4 months and currently in treasury Operations as a front office staff.It is also another bank. What are the possible openings available for me.
    I could be reached on 0244620115

  48. Cynthia says:

    I hold a bachelors degree in Social Sciences (Sociology and Religious studies option. I wish to be considered for employment in your Bank. I oul be reached on 0243140611

  49. Elvis Owusu Dankyi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a final year student of the University of Cape Coast reading Bachelor of Management Studies.
    I also have knowledge in Accounting (after completing part 1 of ICAG) and Computing, among others. I would love to work with your reputable outfit after after school for my national service and even hope to get pemanently employed there.
    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
    Yours faithfully
    Elvis Owusu Dankyi

  50. Frank Asante says:

    Good day sir/ma.
    Frank Asante calling
    I’m a Diploma Holder in Computer Science, have a
    little knowledge in Marketing and Human Resource
    Management. I prefer working in your
    my number is 0245059997

  51. GODWIN AKEY says:

    I’m a young man with degree in business administration accounting option and i can be reached on 0244927852 or 0278216237. Also 4years working experience. Thank u

  52. Doris Deh Ntibrey says:

    I’m a 24 year old lady with a degree in Business Administration (2nd class upper division)in 2010. i have relevant experience in cashiering and accounting duties.i would like an opportunity too build my career in your bank. thank you.

  53. Daniel Horlali says:

    please,I have forwarded my CV to the HR for any administrative or account vacancy .I look forward to hearing from you.Thank you.

  54. Daniel Horlali says:

    my address is danielhorlali@yahoo.com

  55. Theophilus Ashidam says:

    P.O. Box TS 420,
    Teshie, Accra
    5th April, 2012.
    The Director of Human Resource
    Zenith Bank Ghana

    Dear Sir,
    I wish to apply for employment in your reputable company.

    I am twenty four (25) years and a University graduate, having completed Methodist University College with a Degree in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics.

    I have an in death knowledge of making research of a sample taken from a population of which I can use SPSS to code and to analyse due to the Statistics I pursued. I also have adequate knowledge of customer services, data entry and above all very proficient in telephone manners.

    I have one month work experience in a form of an attachment as per evidence of my CV attached.

    I wish state that when am offered the opportunity I will work to help the company achieve its objective.
    I hope my application would be favourably considered.
    I count on your usual co-operation.

    Yours faithfully,

    (Theophilus Amarh Ashidam)

  56. Ishmael Mensah says:

    Am a degree holder in BSC PSYCHOLOGY from university of cape coast.I wish to apply for a job in your reputable institution. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  57. Alhassan Yusuf says:

    i am a level 300 student at the institute of professional studies and offering Bsc.Accounting.i write to seek for appointment.my Cv and other transcript will be available in case i am contacted

  58. Alhassan Yusuf says:

    i am a level 300 student at the institute of professional studies looking for immediate appointment ,willing to work under harsh condition to achieve corporate objectives

  59. maxwell says:

    I am a Diploma holder in network engineering under Microsoft technologies from NIIT and in level 300 in NIIT but attending night class.I would like to ask if there is a Vacancy for me to work as an I.T technician in your reputable organization.
    Thank you

  60. henrietta says:

    I hold a diploma in management studies and have over five years working experience in administrative work. it will be a pleasure to be part of your reputable organization (Zenith Bank) thank you.

  61. Jennifer Attoh says:

    I hold a diploma in management studies and have over five years working experience in cash handling “Teller” (Administrative Works). i will be greatful to be called to be part of your reputable organization (Zenith Bank). hope to hear from you soon… please call me 0542688709

  62. ASANTE PRINCE says:

    I hold a diploma in marketing in which i obtained from Cape coast polytechnic in the year 2010.It will be a pleasure to be part of your reputable organization.please you can call me on 0243101382.THANK YOU

  63. Kingsley says:

    I am an HND holder and in Accountancy be precise. I completed my national service and currently unemployed. Am in western region. call me on 0249988196 if there is any vacancy avialable. Thank You

  64. I am an HND holder and in Accountancy be precise. I completed my national service and currently unemployed. Am in western region. call me on 0249988186 if there is any vacancy avialable. Thank You

  65. Samuel Otchere says:

    I am an HND holder in Marketing who has completed my national service and currently looking forward to work with a bank in any department. My contacts are 0243724527 OR 0267506560

  66. am a deploma holder in I T from I P M C where i did database adminitsration and also did deploma Accounting .plzzz i would like to work in your organization . if there is no vacancy then i would like to do my attachment .plzzzzzzz u can call me on 0242070412 .plzzzzz i need ur help

  67. SUSAN KONNEY says:


  68. felix oppong says:

    i have completed my first degree in accounting and have done ccna part 1. i wish to apply in your bank. with my qualification i know i am the perfect match for the position. i have experience, skills, excellent writing skills, ability to work with people at all levels. please i awaits for a positive reponse. thank you

  69. felix oppong says:

    i have completed my first degree and a ccna part 1 in IT. i have the experience, skills, qualification, experience and ability to work with variety of people at all levels. i am applying for the vacant position advertised at your institution. thank you.

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